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Invite Server Stat Bot to your server and get access to its wide range of Minecraft commands, including server status, hypixel stats and more! Discord Bot.

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An all-round Minecraft Java and Bedrock bot, stylized messages, automatic server status, hypixel stats and more!
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What is Server Stat?

Server Stat has many features for Minecraft server discords. It’s main focus being that it allows you to get the status of any Minecraft server, Java or Bedrock, giving you as much information about the server as possible. It also allows you to setup and connect a server specifically to your discord so you can view the player list, plugins, mods and general information at anytime, without having to load up Minecraft! It also allows you to setup a channel where automatic status messages will be sent about the server, you can have the channel set to multiple modes, where it will display individual join and leave messages, or have a single message that is constantly updated.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple! The bot has a built-in setup guild that helps you to get your server setup and ready to use. All you have to do is type .setup in any channel the bot has access to and it will display the guide. If you want to view a list of any and all the commands that the bot offers then you can run .help and get a list of all the commands you can run!

What languages are supported?

Currently only English is supported by the bot, however translations are already in the works! If you would like to view up-to-date information on languages and translations run the .lang command for more information.

Where do I get help?

If you are having a hard time setting up server stat in your server or just need help then you can join our support server at anytime (join our support server by pressing the support/“discord” button above, or click here) and ask one of the helpful staff that are online (please do not ping any of the staff, they will help you once they have the time)!

If there happens to be no staff online or all of the staff are busy then please be patient and post your issue in one of the support channels. You may find that your issue has already been resolved by another user, and we ask that you read our FAQ or look for you issue in the channel.

Privacy Policy

You can view our privacy policy at anytime by running .policy

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add deleted_user_d96c159856c1 Discord Bot to my server?

You can add deleted_user_d96c159856c1 to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add deleted_user_d96c159856c1 Discord Bot' on this page.

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