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Prefix: t+
Created by: NTM Nathan#0001
Short link: discord.ly/server-tags
A Discord Bot that lets you recall, create and edit tags.

Server Tags is a Discord Bot that focuses on the creation of tags, recalling them and viewing a list of them.
The tags all have a unique name on your guild, well for example: when you create the tag “Nate” on “Nate Bot Support”, that tag can only be retrieved on that server and not on other servers. It doesn’t conflict on other servers.

Prefix: t+ (Changeable if self hosting this bot)

  • t+tag <name> » This will get the Tag on the Server
  • t+addtag <name> <content> Aliases: add » This will create a tag on the Server, Please note that Single Tag Names (“Nate, OwO etc.”) can only be used.
  • t+edittag <name> <content> Aliases: edit » This will edit the Content of the Tag on the Server
  • t+deletetag <name> Aliases: delete » This will delete the Tag from the Server (Yes/No Confirmation System)
  • t+taginfo <name> » This will get the Tag Information on the Server
  • t+taglist » This will list all the Tags that were created on the Server.
  • t+help Aliases: servertags, tags » Shows all Commands and information
  • t+about Aliases: info » About Information regarding the Bot
  • t+botstats Aliases: stats, bot » Shows Bot Statistics
  • t+avatar Aliases: icon » Gets User Avatar
  • t+ping Aliases: latency » Returns the Ping (Latency) of the Bot
  • t+say » Make the Bot Say Something.