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Created by: Jan | bnder.de#0001
Short link: discord.ly/servprotect
The most advanced moderation bot. ServProtect will protect you, your server and your users from many types of negative influences. With many modules bad users will be detected and kicked to p


Link and file checking

Have every link sent on your server checked automatically by VirusTotal. If a link is classified as unsafe by it, you will be notified immediately. This can be done with files aswell.


Many Discord servers have problems with fake users. Bots that pretend to be ordinary users spam messages all over the server or read messages unnoticed. In contrast, we use captchas.

Identify security risk

All users are assigned a security risk by ServProtect based on their past activities. So you will be warned as soon as a user enters the server.


To prevent message spam or to punish users for other reasons, users can be muted. This is also possible for a fixed period. After the time has elapsed, the user is automatically muted. Not only too many messages in a short time, but also messages that are too similar are recognized and deleted by us using the Levenshtein algorithm. The threshold for this can be defined yourself.

And much more