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Multi purpose bot with misc/fun/utility commands. Constantly being updated.
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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Default prefix: s! (can be changed)
Help list: s!help

This bot is a multi purpose bot and is constatnly in the work and getting updated with more and more features very often.
This bot doesn’t have one purpose, it’s more just for fun and utilities.

Some fun commands are:


– This command will send an mp3 file wilt tts of the text you provided.

s!audio / s!video

– These commands will look on youtube and send mp3/mp4 file of the first video it finds with your provided search criteria.


– This command will send a png of the minecraft player with the name you provided. This command will also give you a link with which you can set your own skin to that given skin.

Some utility commands are:


– Recolors the goven role with the goven hex code. Usefull because as of writing this, discord still doesn’t allow you to change the hex color of roles on mobile.


– This command can add emotes to the guild, and you can provide a role so that only members with that role are able to use the created emote.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.