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Shine is free to use music bot with support of YouTube and Spotify links or key words.
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We want to make Discord servers more fun and what’s more fun than listening to music with friends.

Customizable per server settings:
Allows you to set default command channel or default voice channel in which the bot will automatically join after restart.

Queue history:
Your queue is saved on our servers and provided to you in the history command.

24 hours music:
Our servers are automatically restarted everyday to make our service more stable. That means that the bot can play music 24 hours straight.

Platforms supported:
This bot supports YouTube and Spotify links or key words.

Connects the bot to your current channel.

Disconnects the bot from the channel.

Management of the bot settings.

Moves the bot to your channel.

!play [url, key words]
Starts playing the music.

Stops playing the music.

Pauses the song.

Resumes the song.

Starts playing the previous song.

Skipes to the next song in the queue.

Displayes the queue.

Enables or disables looping of the current song.

Shuffles the queue.

Displayes informations about the current song.

Clears the queue.

Displayes history of the queue.

!volume [1-100]
Changes the volume.

The text channel to use for bot commands. When this is set, the bot will only accept commands from this channel. Given value must be a valid text channel name.

The voice channel the bot will join on start. By default the bot will join the first voice channel. Given value must be a valid voice channel name.

Determines if the user must be in the voice channel to use commands. Given value must be True or False.

Sets emote to use for the button play feature. Button play will be disabled until this is set. Given value must be a valid emote name.

Sets the default volume setting. Given value must be a valid number 1-100. Volume can be changed anytime with !volume.

Enables or disables the voice channel timeout. Given value must be True or False. Bot won’t disconnect if there are people in the channel.

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