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Here you can find a list of commands available to you

!addme - Get a link to add me to your server!
!shop - Grab yourself some of our awesome merch

!startsr - Join your voice channel and start streaming SR
!stopsr - Stop streaming SR and leave my voice channel
!wheresr - See how many servers I am streaming SR in
!botlisteners - See how many people I am streaming SR to

!dj - See the live and upcoming DJs
!timetable - See the next 5 slots on the station timetable
!song - See whats currently playing
!listeners - See our current listener count

!tune - Cheer the current tune on
!show - Cheer the DJ on for their show
!dance - Get jiggling with the DJ

!request - Ask the DJ for a particular tune
!shoutout - Ask the DJ for a shoutout
!competition - Answer a DJs competition
!message - Send a message to the DJ

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.