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Created by: Miolus#8872
Short link: discord.ly/skriptum
<English/German> Automod | Tempchannel | @someone | Image Search| Minigames | Application-System | Over 30 Commands.

Important: mmodhelp - Mod and Automod commands. mglobalhelp - Globalchathelp mgamehelp - Minigames and Fun-Commands. mutilhelp - Tempchannel, Applysystem and Utilityhelp Recommended: msearch [Search] - Search for pictures. Change language with: mlanguage

Moderation-Commands: msafechannel - Protects channels from Link and bad words. mdeletesafechannel - Removes the Channelprotection.

Games and Fun Commands: @someone - Randomping mssp [scissors, stone , paper] - Play a game. mquestion [Question] - I will answer your Question. multimative - Bot shows you a german discord-server. mdice - I will roll the dice. msay - I will say what you want. mrandomchoice - I choose an element of them you give me. mcalc X +*/- X - Use me like a calculator. BETA mjoke - I send a joke. Not avaiable at the moment.

Utility: @someone - Randomping. minvite - Link to invite me. mcreatetempchannel - I create a tempchannel. When users join, they get an own channel. mdeletetempchannel [ID] - I delete a tempchannel with the given ID. mclear - I delete messages. mvote - Vote for me. mreport - Report something to my developer. mservericon - Shows the servericon