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SlashBot is a general purpose bot with some excusive commands! And no paywall
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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SlashBot has numerous commands:

NEW: SlashBot now has image manipulation!
Person in prison
NEW: Now contains a button calculator!
Button calculator

Fun Commands: SlashBot has some fun / useful commands which can send emoji messages and create embeds!
Moderation: There are some basic moderation commands, like /kick, /mute, and /ban.
Leveling: SlashBot has a basic levelling system that can easily be toggled on and off! It can be used to see who is active in your server
Simple configuration: There is a super clean, user friendly interface to configure the bot which uses slash commands and buttons!
No spam: Levelling can be easily turned off if it annoys you and SlashBot uses ephemeral messages which only the person using the bot can see! Meaning there is no chat flooding like in normal bots like MEE6
No paywall! SlashBot is 100% free and has features which would be exclusive with other bots!

Click here for website (SlashBot.dev) and Click here for help server.

NOTE: SlahBot requires you to invite using the link given, not with custom links. Also the person using the bot needs permission to use slash commands

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.