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Invite SorinoRPG Bot to your server and explore its RPG commands. Collect coins and Sorino, then battle it out with others! Discord Bot.
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SorinoRPG Discord Bot Described

: A fun, RPG bot that allows you to collect coins and Sorino, then battle it out with others!

SorinoRPG is a new bot on discord that brightens up any server.
It is an RPG that allows you to collect different “Sorino”,
coins, level up, and battle it out with other members of the server.
You can find more information on how to play on the bot website!

Why choose SorinoRPG?

We believe SorinoRPG is great because it allows you to play
with characters you have never seen before. The game is
constantly updated with user-requested features and new Sorino
and gamemodes. Each weekly update will have a software patch, 2
new Sorino added and a user-requested feature. Every Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn, there is a huge release,
jampacked with new Sorino, gamemodes and user rewards.

Main Features
  • 30+ unique Sorino
  • Use Sorino to fight with others
  • Search for coins
  • Search for Sorino to collect
  • Rank up your profile
  • Open Wraps
  • Much more coming soon!

.help Sends a message containing all useful information

.C Creates an account This is required to start playing SorinoRPG

.P Let’s you view your account details like coins, Sorino, etc

.R Let’s you view your Rank, mention someone to compare ranks

.S Searches for a Sorino or Coins

.W Shows you the Wraps you can buy

.WStandard Buy a standard Wrap

.WPremium Buy a premium Wrap

.WChampions Buy a champions Wrap

.Q Change the prefix, if I wanted to change it to !p it would be .Q !p. This command requires the MANAGE_MESSAGES permission.

How to fight

To start a fight you must enter:.FSTART @mention.
Note: You must always mention the person you are fighting with throughout the fight.

To choose the Sorino you would like, enter .FSORINO @mention, if I wanted to use Calkanor for example, I would enter .FCalkanor @mention.

To choose a move, enter .FMOVE @mention, if I wanted to use Scratch, I would enter .FScratch @mention.

You can end the fight anytime you wish with the command .FEND @mention

Important information
  • You earn more coins from fights the higher your level
  • You can’t catch certain Sorino if you are below certain levels
  • Updates come out weekly with small new features and bug fixes, bigger updates come out in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, check out this site to keep track!
Need help and support?

Contact Manny#6363 or go to this server for help!

Save up those coins for the Spring update!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add SorinoRPG Discord Bot to my server?

You can add SorinoRPG to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add SorinoRPG Discord Bot’ on this page.

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Created by: Manny#6363
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