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Created by: typicalninja#3717
this bot is a super fun bot moderation will come soon

here is the commands for my bot hope you the bot >>kick and ban commands will be available soon bug command is still in development

roastme -get roasted by the bot

server info -gets the info about the server

announce - announce

8ball - 8ball game

add - Add

avatar <@user> - Get avatar of user

ban <@user> [reason] - Ban certain member - disabled

divide - Divide

help [command] - Show all the commands or info about a specific command.

kick <@user> [reason] - Kick certain member - disabled

king - Become the king of this kingdom!

multiply - Multiply

ping - Get the ping of the bot

purge - Purge entered amount of text

say - Say your message

substract - Substract

([] is optional, <> is required)