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A simple bot that combines all of the best features of my other bots (and more) into one convenient bot

Stardust is a bot that combines the best features of my other bots alongside some other things all into one convenient bot. This is mostly for servers that might have too many bots since they can just add this and have part of their issue solved. Some of the key features are a DM announcements system, starboard and basic moderation.

User Commands

  • help - Shows the help message
  • ping - Shows the bots latency
  • suggest - Suggest a feature
  • whois - Get info about a user
  • serverinfo - Get info about the server
  • about - Get info about the bot
  • optin - Opt into DM announcements
  • optout - Opt out of DM announcements
  • meme - Get a random meme
  • dog - Get a random picture of a dog
  • cat - Get a random picture of a cat
  • insult - Get a random insult
  • quote - Get a random quote

Staff Commands

  • kick - Kicks a user
  • ban - Bans a user
  • purge - Delete selected amount of messages
  • addstarboard - Create a starboard
  • requirement - Change the reaction requirement for a starboard
  • announce - Send a DM announcement
  • prefix - Change the bots prefix
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: ~ (customizable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Starman#5874
Short link: discord.ly/stardust