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Prefix: The Tilde Symbol ~
Created by: 7thghoul#5773
A Multipurpose Bot for Anime Servers

Current Commands :

Moderation : Kick a member | Ban a member | Unban a banned member | List the banned members

Other : Server invite link - gives the generated invite link to your server | Image - Shows image upon requesting | GIF - Shows gif upon requesting | Anime radio - plays a anime radio station

Upcoming : Gsearch - search over google | Wikipedia - search over wikipedia | Weather - shows weather | Translate - translates your chat | Anime info - shows anime info | Give role - give role to a member | Warn - warns member | Memes - gives a meme | Nsfw - shows some nsfw stuffs | Welcome message - welcomes member upon joining guild | Reaction roles - allows the member to obtain a role upon reacting | Member counting - counts current member in guild in a voice channel | Wallpaper - gives requested hd wallpaper | Music - plays requested music using link or by name

It has some few gif which are triggered during chats. Syden will automatically delete every server invite link or bot invite link sent by members who don't have the 'kick' permission to prevent advertisements.