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A Multipurpose AI ChatBot for Anime Servers
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What can it do?

  1. play music
  2. search and show requested image and gif
  3. perform google search
  4. performs wiki search
  5. drop random fact from wiki
  6. shows requested anime info by name or MAL url
  7. help you find your anime by name (shows a list)
  8. gives anime related news
  9. get list of episodes of an anime by name
  10. find coc clans by minimum member
  11. shows clan details by tag
  12. lists the clan members by tag
  13. shows warlog by tag
  14. show current cwl status by tag
    coc commands are currently in beta and might not work always
  15. report against somebody
  16. kick/ban/unban members
  17. an ai chatbot
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