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Blue Haired Girl Discord Bot Described:

A multipurpose bot aimed at reducing bot clutter in servers by offering more features for free.

The purpose of this bot is to provide an all-encompasing administrative bot for discord servers to reduce bot clutter.

Current version 3.0.0

Current beta 3.1.0

##Current features in Version 1.0.0 (The Admin Bot Launch)
kick/ban commands
audit logs
channel creation and deletion w/ log
mute capabilities w/log
warn capabilities w/log
give roles
remove roles
invite link for bot
invite link for your server
!developers (info on devs)
!donate :)

##Current in Version 2.0.0 (The User Exp. Update)
quick announcements
meme functionality
create role function
delete role function
bot updater (notifies channel log when bot will be down as well as new versions and features.) (suspended until further notice)

Currentin Version 3.0.0 (The BIG Update)
server stats (issues with updater. suspended on initial v3 release, will be published in an update.)
welcome card with captcha (moved to v4)
music functionality
reaction roles (moved to v4)
support ticket
captcha verification (moved to v4)
dice rolls
upvote / downvote reactions to specific messages

##Expected in version 4.0.0 (The customization/database update)
Allow for changing of prefix
Allow for custom log channel
Leveling (user levels)/ member rank
youtube/twitch notifications
automatic timed updates and reminders
blacklist words
self contained configuration
block links(with role specific capabilities)
message delete/change log
role specific functionality

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Blue Haired Girl Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Blue Haired Girl to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Blue Haired Girl Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: erodias#9576