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DND 5e / HomeBrew functioned bot, The Innkeeper has over 460 Spells, 3200+ Monsters (SRD and Homebrew!)
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The InnKeeper is a DND 5e bot, The bot has a large library of commands based around DND 5e with this bot you have acsess to Sharing homebew characters using the DMV system on the bot, or accessing over 450+ Official spells! List of features include:

  • Dice Rolling / Stats Rolling.
  • Class / Race lookup.
  • Deck of many things roller
  • Spells Lookup over 460+ spells.
  • Monster Lookup over 770+ 5e Monsters and 2700+ Homebrew monsters!
  • Dongeon Master’s Vault integrations (Save your DMV characters to be shown on discord!).
  • Random World, Rumour, Legend, City Generation built in!

Example Commands:

  • ?Help - Gives you the help page summary
  • ?HelpCustoms - shows you how to link your discord account and DMV account with the database.
  • ?r {Dice} - rolls a dice ?Spell {Spell} - Search up a spell From upto 462 spells!
  • ?Monster {Monster Name} - Search up a Monster from upto 720+ Monsters!
  • ?HBMonster {Monster Name} - Homebrew monster look up from out 2700+ look up system!
  • ?RandWorld - Generates a random world and gives you the details on it!
  • ?RandCity - Generates a random city and gives you all the ins and outs of the city!
  • ?RandRumour - Generates a random rumour, what could be going on?
  • ?RandWorld - Generates a random world and gives you the details on it!
  • ?RandLegend - Generates a random legend, Did you here about those adventurers?
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.