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An image searching and booru scraping bot for Discord. "Thicc thighs save lives, but thigh-highs are my demise..." (Einstein).

ThighBot is a bot primarily dedicated to searching images through Google and scraping boorus, anime image boards. It works on a reaction based system, meaning when an image command is invoked, ThighBot sends a message with some reactions, and the user clicks the reaction buttons to navigate the results.

Commands & Features:

Image Commands:
&thigh <tags, (optional)booru, (optional)nsfw/sfw>: Opens a ThighBot client and searches a booru for the tags specified.
Use &thigh sites to find a list of available boorus.
Example given tags: &thigh thighs -> Returns Safebooru posts with tag “thighs”
Example given tags and booru: &thigh danbooru thighs -> Returns Danbooru posts with tag “thighs” (Only usable in a NSFW channel)
Example given tags, nsfw/sfw, and booru: &thigh rule34 nsfw thighs -> Returns NSFW rule34 posts with tag “thighs” (Only usable in a NSFW channel)
Example given tags and nsfw/sfw: &thigh sfw thighs -> Returns SFW Safebooru posts with tag “thighs”
Example given only nsfw/sfw: &thigh nsfw -> Returns NSFW Gelbooru posts with a randomly determined thigh-based tag (Only usable in a NSFW channel)
&search <terms>: Opens a ThighBot client and searches Google for the terms specified.
Example: &search banana -> Returns images of bananas (Only usable in a NSFW channel since I cannot verify if output is SFW)

Information Commands:
&info: Opens a client that lists all of the servers the bot is apart of, their channels, and the number of users they have.
&invite: Shows the invite link for ThighBot.

Miscellaneous Commands:
&purge <num>: ThighBot will delete “num” messages before the command was invoked (Requires the user to have the “Manage Messages” Permission)
&say <terms>: Makes ThighBot say whatever you specify in the terms.
&donate: Displays the donation link for ThighBot. (Please give me money! :) )

This bot uses discord.js-commando to provide an easy to use experience while scraping many different boorus or searching Google. &help should provide you with all the help you need, but the Thicc Thigh Protection Squad (Support) server will answer your questions if you have any, and I am available at Connor#3588.


Prefix: &
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Connor#3588
Short link: discord.ly/thighbot