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Thug bot is a card trading bot that...well, specializes in thug posting.

General cmds
/help ~ show info about thug bot
/add ~ wishlist a thug to be added
/thug_hunter ~ get information about a member in the server
/cooldowns ~ lists the status of all your cooldowns
/thugs ~ show all thugs based on their rarity
/leaderboard ~ show the top members with the most coins/thugs

Cards cmds
/claim ~ claim a free thug to join your gang every 3 hours
/buy ~ buy a new thug to join your gang
/gang ~ show thugs that are present in your gang
/show ~ show a specific thug in your gang
/sell ~ sell a thug in your gang
/trade ~ trade thugs with fellow server hunters

PvP cmds
/add_team ~ create a new team
/del_team ~ delete a existing team
/active_team ~ choose a team to fight with
/teams show your current teams
/pvp ~ fight with fellow server hunters

Economy cmds
/balance ~ show your amount of thug coins
/collect ~ collect thug coins from your gang every day

/hangthug ~ gamble with a thug to gain a high ranked thug
/vote ~ vote for thug bot to gain an additional coins, XP and thugs
/shop ~ buy thugs from the daily shop with a reduction

If you have any issues with setting up or using the bot features or have any feedback/suggestions, make sure to post them in our discord server : https://discord.gg/ADn24Xsbfs

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.