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Prefix: ts
Created by: Thunder#1111
Short link: discord.ly/thunderstruck
We were developed for the purpose of Multi - Functionality such as Moderation, Music and much more.

Welcome to Thunderstruck!
I was developed in JavaScript and made by Thunder#7777!

My current prefix is tb but we are currently working on adding customization prefix very soon.

I don’t have much commands at the moment as we are still in early stages of development and we slowly add new commands soon.

Website Status: Still in development!

Available commands for Thunderstruck.
You can find information about a command by doing tb help (command name) Example:

About - Help Command
<> means needed, () it is optional and ** is a warning but don’t include these prefixes
Command: About
Description: Find out information about the bot & developer
Usage: tbabout (command name)
Aliases: about, aboutus, abouttsb, abouttb
Category: General
Cooldown: 5 second(s)
Enabled: Yes
General (4)
about | avatar | help | uptime 
guildinfo | userinfo

Music (4)
bassboost | play | stop | volume

Util (4)
botinfo | corona | inviteme | latency