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Invite Timey Bot to your server and start making timers and live countdown commands! Get the Timey Discord Bot now.

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Timey Discord Bot Described:

A cool bot to make timers and live countdown!
  • Timey

Timey’s Commands:

  • #Countdown [Seconds] [Message (Optional)]
  • #Timer [Seconds] [Message (Optional)]


  • #Disclaimer
  • #Credits
  • #Help
  • #Invite
  • #Partners

Uhh? Why a countdown?
With Timey you can make a live countdown and you can put an message in! This is very nice when do much giveaways! Then you do as message a gift card code or something like that and then it is an race who claims first! When the bot has permissions to delete messages it will automatic delete the command when executed so you will never see the message before the countdown is over!

You can also use this for fun like doing Games and when the countdown is over you all say anything at the same time!

Or when having a opening of a minecraft server you can put the ip to join in the message when the countdown is done!

There are many ways to use Timey! Be creative!

  • TwixGamer00

DISCLAIMER (You also get this message when doing #disclaimer)

When using the live countdown (#countdown) the live countdown is a little bit laggy and the countdown doesn’t update every second. This means that the countdown maybe is not up to date! This isn’t possible for us to fix this, however when it says: Countdown completed or the message you used is that up to date! So when the seconds are over it sends that message. Sometimes it happeneds that then the countdown itself isn’t at 0. If you only want the countdown without live countdown use #timer!

If you are interested in buying premium please join the support server and contact a moderator or developer!

  • Twixgamer00 ツ#6082
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Timey Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Timey to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Timey Discord Bot' on this page.

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