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Torrent bot, you can download anything using the torrent bot

you can download anything using the torrent bot
.animesearch (anime)
search anime
Show the bot status
Plays a clip sound
List all clips
.help (h)
Display all commands and descriptions
Search movie or series
Send bot invite link
.loop (l)
Toggle music loop
.lyrics (ly)
Get lyrics for the currently playing song
.move (mv)
Move songs around in the queue
Pause the currently playing music
Show the bot’s average ping
.play §
Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud
.playlist (pl)
Play a playlist from youtube
Toggle pruning of bot messages
.queue (q)
Show the music queue and now playing.
.remove (rm)
Remove song from the queue
.resume ®
Resume currently playing music
Shuffle queue
.skip (s)
Skip the currently playing song
.skipto (st)
Skip to the selected queue number
Stops the music
.thepiratebay (pirate)
search torrent
search torrent

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