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Velfrox is a verified multipurpose bot . It Includes moderation,management, fun, memes, search etc. We'll keep updating commands in future<3


It’s a multipurpose verified discord bot with many features almost every feature needed in a
discord server!! You can bump your server with the help of velfrox if disboard bot goes offline type v!bump and follow the link<3, Search anything on any social media and other platforms like twitch, twitter, facebook, Instagram, osu, top.gg, duckduckgo, yahoo, google, urban dictionary, youtube wikipedia, Economy and more interesting commands coming very soon❤️



🟢 ┇24/7 Online
🎁 ┇Reputation: Give Reputation
🌟 ┇Starboard: Post your
messages in starboard
Lockdown: Lock channels
Suggestions: Set suggestion channel
Economy : Economy Commands coming very soon❤️

Fun : 40+ Fun Commands
Moderation: Almost Every moderation command
AFK: Embed Afk Command
Images: Fun and image commands
Miscellaneous commands, Roleplay Commands Social Search Commands: search anything On
YouTube,Google,OSU, Wikipedia, instagram, facebook, urban dictionary, twitch, twitter, top.gg, duckduckgo, yahoo

Management Commands: Create many Roles within a second, setup Color roles, Create channels, Clone channels
Generate hex codes, preview hex codes, quote messages, channel info, Poll command better than Dyno, Almost every action command, Add emotes with bot, Enlarge emotes like owo bot but better, Pokemon commands,
Confession: Post your anonymous confession.
🎉 Giveaway Commands
✅ Serving many servers
❤️ VELFROX is Under Testing :p Join our support server to suggest some good stuffs💛

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