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The Discord Bot to make Server management & Moderation easy. Create WEbhooks, build embeds or Listen to your favorite Music

Build your Discord Server different with the most simplest Discord Bot.

Have all usefull Tools available where and when you want.

Simple create webhook’s in your own Server, write in Embeds (normal or anonymously) or talk over your WebHooks, you have created with the Bot.

Manage Members or your Team with a lot of cool commands. Check there permissions in your Server with one cool command. Set your own role to mute malicious users or simply timeout them now.

Ban and Kick Users with ID also unban them without knowing their Username, simply use the ID.

See the Avatar of your Members in different Resolutions and PNG’s, GIF and a lot more!

You think WEmbed is the perfect high quality Bot for your Server, or you want to test them out?

Simply invite him to use them for whatever you want

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I setup the bot?

1. Invite the Bot to your own Guild. 2. Run .help to get the help panel. After that, you can modify whatever you want