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The go-to voting, verification, and visualization bot!
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The wisest cat on Discord.

Whiskers Catgirls
✅ upholds justice ❌ probably illegal
✅ divine body ❌ inaccurate anatomy
✅ worshipped by ancient egypt ❌ weeb wish fulfillment

⚖️ Democracy!

  • Send proposals to a voting channel
  • They can pass or fail based on custom thresholds
  • Suggestions in the feedback channel can progress as “petitions”
  • Configure a custom petition upvote threshold
  • Send polls to channels, which show a pie chart upon conclusion
  • Hold the mod team accountable!

⚔️ Verification & Lockdown

  • Auto-kick or auto-ban invaders and raiders
  • Enable autorole to quarantine suspicious accounts
  • Require new members to connect a configurable # of external accounts
  • Set a custom minimum-account-age to circumvent raids

?️ Moderation commands

  • Ban, kick, role, and timed mute commands
  • Purge messages with the purge command

? Smart memes

  • Auto-generate memes with just an image using the inspire command
  • Caption images with any font
  • Generate mutant Pokemon, InspiroBot posters, and much more
  • Grab copypastas from /r/copypasta and ouijas from /r/askouija

?️ Image analysis suite

  • Classify images, label them, and grab their text
  • Sniff out plagarism with the locate command
  • Do image-matching with the mirror/similar command
  • Automatically translate images of foreign-language text with imgtranslate

? Useful tools

  • Summon the statistics to a Google search term, visualizing it by map/timeline
  • Easy-use commands for Wikipedia, Quora, Yahoo Answers, KnowYourMeme, and SCP Foundation
  • Translate between 100+ languages with a single command
  • Create a dossier of any Redditor using the SnoopSnoo >redditor command

?️ Automod

  • React to an inappropriate message with enough :report: reactions, and Whiskers deletes it
  • Then he archives it in #report-log (with image retention)
  • Whiskers can also auto-mute reported users for a customizable amount of time
  • Auto-moderate channels, alongside metrics such as NSFW or toxicity (and many more)
  • He is constantly learning through Google’s PerspectiveAPI

? Interserver Channels

  • Whiskers can open embassies for you, which are like permanent wormholes/speakerphones.
  • Simple and intuitive to set up
  • Messages sent on either embassy will be sent to the other one.
  • Use it for diplomacy, inter-server events, or even just plain fun

And More ❗

  • Auto-display the number of online users in a channel’s name
  • Custom prefixes
  • Oh, and did I mention he’s sentient? Try having him identify his own profile picture.








  • Large stability update, fixed dynamic mutes, improved uptime
  • Added >gsearch and >usearch commands (searches for users and guilds among servers whiskers is on)
  • Added the >censor and >uncensor commands for censoring phrases in reportable channels


  • Added >aipaint [painting URL] [photo URL], which paints a photograph in the style of a painting
  • Added >colorize [image], which colorizes a black and white photo
  • Added >deepdream [image], which puts an image through Google Deepdream
  • Added enhance [image], which enhances an image’s resolution using a neural network
  • Added cute/boss/vibe [user], which generates a Shindan Fortune
  • Added fakeid, which generates a fake person’s ID


  • Optimized the >meme, >inspire, >inspire_quote, and >demotivate commands
  • Added the >fakeperson command, which uses a GAN to generate a face that belongs to no one
  • Added the >teenagers [query] command, which is like >talkabout but it pulls a post from /r/teenagers


  • Created the Official Whiskers Patreon
  • Added >patrons command to display patrons
  • Added the >feedback command, which sends a feedback kiosk to the support server
  • Added the >yomama command by popular request
  • Added the >mood command, reads mood off of a human face
  • Added the >inspire [img] command, which generates a demotivational poster based on the image and AI
  • Added the >demotivate [img] [top|bottom text] command, which generates a demotivational poster based on the image and caption
  • Added the >imgtranslate [lang] [image URL] command, combines >read and >translate
  • Updated the >meme command, uses memegen.link now


  • Performance tweaks, obseleted >scan and >geo commands
  • Added the >poll command, an entirely new way to vote


  • Added the >serverinfocommand, which gives you basic info about the server
  • Tweaked permissions (banning/kicking/role changing used to require all three perms, now they require their own)
  • Having one of the following perms - ban members/kick members/role manager - qualifies you as a mod and lets you mute


  • Added the >talkabout [query] command, which grabs a copypasta from /r/copypasta using the query (blank for random)
  • Added the >ouija [question] command, which asks /r/askouija a question
  • Patched a ping @everyone exploit


  • Added the >google [query] command, which pulls up basic google search results
  • Added the >img [query] command, which pulls up a random image from Google Images
  • Added the >inspiro command, which generates an InspiroBot™ inspirational poster
  • Added the >wutang [user/name] command, which is basically the Wu Tang Name generator
  • Added the >nickname [user] command, which recommends a username
  • Added the >soy [image] command, which returns the amount of soy detected in an image


  • Added >redditor [username] command, which pulls redditor info from snoopsnoo.com
  • Added the >geo [country] [term] command, which generates a map and T-table of a Google search term


  • Anti-token leak security added
  • In the near-impossible event my token is leaked, Whiskers will leave every server affected.
  • He will detect actions executed by him but not sanctioned by a command, upon detecting which he will leave.
  • In order for this to work, he has to have access to the audit logs.

Core Functionality

  • Powerful image analysis
  • Useful information APIs and integrations
  • Communication utility such as voting, translation, and embassies
Core Commands


    @whiskers analyze [metric] [text] to predict if a message follows the metric (15 metrics to choose from)
    @whiskers translate [language] [text] to translate a message to the specified language
    @whiskers describe [image url] to analyze and label the contents of an image
    @whiskers identify [image url] to guess what an image represents (reverse-search)
    @whiskers similar/mirror [image url] to find an exact match or similar match
    @whiskers read [image url] grabs text from an image and posts it in a copypastable format
    @whiskers query/wikipedia/yahoo/kym [text] searches corresponding API (query -> Google) for answer
Approved Roles

    @whiskers propose [text] to send a proposal to the modvoting channel (constant voting threshold)
    @whiskers motion [threshold] [description] - a proposal with a custom threshold
    @whiskers alert [severity 1-4] to alert mods to an altercation (my server bans pinging mods but allows approved users to alert)


    @whiskers mute/unmute/ban/unban/kick/role/warn [user/role]
    @whiskers autorole [role] - sets up an autorole, typically for verification
    @whiskers wash [1-100] - purges the specified number of messages

Admin Only

    @whiskers lockdown [0-2] - locks down the server (0: none, 1: autokick, 2: autoban)
    @whiskers embassy [channel] sets up an embassy in a channel that can be connected to another server
    @whiskers verification [0-1] - sets the verification mode

    @whiskers prefix [prefix] self explanatory
    @whiskers channel [modvoting|modannounce|modactivity|feedback|reportlog] [channel] to link one of the features to a channel
    @whiskers emote [upvote|downvote|report] [emote_name] to set the name of the emote to its corresponding mechanic
    @whiskers permit [rolename] to permit a rolename to interact with me
    @whiskers unpermit [rolename] to remove a role from interacting with me
    @whiskers reportable [channel] to add a channel to the list where messages are reportable

    @whiskers config [mod_upvote|mod_downvote|petition_upvote|report_vote] [count] to set a voting threshold

    @whiskers counter [interval 1-50] to set the change in # of users online in order to update the counter
    @whiskers report_time [number 10+] to set the amount of time a user gets muted for a report (default 60s)

And more...


Thanks to Yandex and PerspectiveAPI for their generous APIs
HUGE thanks to my patrons for supporting my bot! Use the @whiskers patrons command to see them!
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