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I have lots of fun slash commands to do many different things. You can get images, gifs, random facts, search MyAnimeList, and more!

We are trying many fun and useful commands that everyone wants to use.

White Cat allows users to do a rage of things, form getting random facts, searching anime, manga, and characters, and updating you MyAnimeList from within Discord.

Hosted on a global infrastructure, so the chances of me being offline are super low and my response times are hopefully super fast.

Command Info

White Cat has many different commands, but this list might help you find out what commands do what.

Anime Commands

  • /anime image | This command returns a random anime related image. You can also specify a category of the image like “neko” or “fox”.

  • /anime gif | Just like the image command above but with gifs and different categories.

  • /anime info name:Akashic Records | Returns some info about an anime.

  • /anime character name:Sistine | Returns some info about a character.

  • /anime season | Returns a list of anime that was released from a anime season. There are option year and season you can set.

  • /manga name:Akashic Records | Returns some info about a manga.

Info Commands

  • /avatar | Returns a user and server avatar from a user.
  • /serverinfo | Returns some stats about the current server.
  • /user | Returns some vary basic info about a user, like the username, tag, and when they join the current server.
  • /spotify name:Never Gonna Give You Up | Returns some info about a song on Spotify.

MyAnimeList Commands

For the “/myanimelist” commands, you will need to login to you MAL account and allow White Cat to read your MAL info. White Cat does not save you info nor does it edit it without you knowingly doing so. You can read more in the Privacy Policy at https://whitecat.app/privacy-policy and Beta Info at https://whitecat.app/docs/myanimelist-beta

  • /myanimelist animelist | Returns your Anime List and allows you to edit the episodes watched.
  • /myanimelist mangalist | Returns your Manga List and allows you to edit chapters and volumes read.
  • /myanimelist stats | Returns some of you MyAnimeList status and a anime graph.
  • /myanimelist suggested | Returns some suggested anime MyAnimeList thinks you might like.
  • /myanimelist logout | Invalidates and deletes your MAL session (Oauth2 Token), logging you out.

General Commands

  • /emojis | Returns all emojis on the current server.
  • /fact | Returns a random fact.
  • /flip | Returns ether heads or tails.
  • /feedback | Will open a popup that you can use to send me some feedback. Like reporting a bug, error message, or anything else.
  • /contribute | Allows you to help grow the library of images I can respond with.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: /
Servers: 1.00k
Users: unknown
Created by: Galleu#3010
Short link: discord.ly/white-cat