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Read our new windoor. v3 docs! https://kt5company.gitbook.io/windoor-docs

What’s new in windoor. v3?
Easy way to get help.
You can now DM windoor. to open a support ticket and get help from real people.

Ban, kick, mute and unmute people by user ID.
Commands that use mentions to grab a user from the server can now use user IDs instead, so there’s no need to ping the person before banning them.
*Commands that the user ID system: wd!ban, wd!kick, wd!mute, wd!unmute, wd!avatar/wd!icon, wd!userinfo

Commands and DMs can be disabled.
Commands and DMs for windoor. can now be disabled by developers/staff of KT5 Company for security or testing reasons.

Advanced information about your windoor.
Can’t find out if commands work or if your prefix is something you don’t know? Just mention windoor. in your message on the server and get all the info you need.

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