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Invite WonderMon Bot to your Discord server and explore the world of Pokemon with its amazing commands! Catch'em All with WonderMon Discord Bot.

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WonderMon Discord Bot Described:

Embark on a wonderful journey into the pokemon world with this amazing bot. Gotta Catch'em All!

Pokemon fans! Guess and Catch the Pokémons! New to Pokémon? No worries you can learn a lot of Pokémon’s thru your journey in this bot. Come and become the best trainer!

Wondermon bot is based on the popular Pokémon series/video game with a lot of awesome and useful features. A fun and interactive bot to guess and catch the Pokémon spawn in channels and customizable commands for your liking and highly recommended if you want to increase user activity in your discord server.

Development team does their best to maintain the bot and takes the user suggestion seriously as the staffs are vigilant with adding new features to ensure the users happiness on playing the bot while also developing the bot further into newer regions and extra features.

It has the following features and commands that will continuously pique your interest.

This bot has an informative Pokédex that shows you the details and data of a Pokémons you are searching for including Alolan, Mega Forms and Shiny Pokémons.

Selected Pokémon as buddy gain EXP or evolves depending on your activity in your discord server.

Shiny hunt increases your rate in finding a shiny of a selected Pokémon you are hunting to catch.

One of the features of this bot allows you to Trade your Pokémons and credits with other players. This also has a multiple trading feature as well. It is not only limited in trading pokes and credits; it can be used for other Pokémons that needs to be traded for it to evolve.

The shop has a lot of useful items to help you gain EXP faster and easy level up. Mega evolve stones and other forms stones are available for your Pokémon’s evolution.

The market allows you to sell your Pokémon and put them up on sale and be the top tycoon! Engage yourself in a wild Pokémon battle with other trainers. It’s a 3v3 battle between 2 players that allows you to put 3 of your selected Pokémons. Make sure 3 of your Pokémons learn moves or else your Pokémon won’t even give any damage and lose a round.

The bot doesn’t limit itself on few commands and features as this gives you a unique feature that allows you to select avatar from the list for your profile and better viewing experience.

-Join our Official Support Server for an exclusive feature of being able to fight with Gym Leaders and earn those gym badges!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add WonderMon Discord Bot to my server?

You can add WonderMon to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add WonderMon Discord Bot' on this page.

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