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Created by: seaƱ#1718
Short link: discord.ly/world
Hi i'm World If You Would Like to Invite me, ill be super nice to everyone in the server!

1. Main Features

Fun Commands - Example w/meme shows a funny meme

Moderation Commands - Examplew/bans = shows guilds bans

Info Commands - Examplew/servers = shows how many servers the bot is in

Useful Commands - Example w/corona = shows Live Corona Virus Status

Frequent updates - I Will I Promise

Easy commands! - Examplew/help = shows help!

Easy Categories - Example w/categories = shows Multiple Catogorys!

2. Reddit!!!

World Has Multiple Reddit Commands, By typing w/reddit you will see what there is!

Examples => w/rmeme - Shows reddit meme | w/rdani - Shows milk meme | w/rksi - Shows ksi meme | IM NOT GOING TO SPOIL THE REST

3. Commands

w/help Shows Help Categorie

w/fun Shows The Fun Catogorie

w/mod Shows The Mod Catogorie

w/useful Shows The Useful Catogorie

w/reddit Shows The Reddit Catogorie

w/other Shows The Other Catogorie

w/ping - Shows The Bots Latency.

4. Worlds Website

Worlds Website Link Is https://worldbot.zyrosite.com/

His Support Server Is https://discord.gg/7duw7