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WORLD💍SEEKER Discord Bot Described:

An addicting Anime, Marvel, DC and Pokemon Gacha style Bot. Social commands hosting 900+ Gifs. Collect items. and more!

💻Default Prefix: !


[⚠️These gifs are 1080x600 and depend on your connection to load.]

⌨️🖱️: !Wholesome / !WS

⌨️🖱️: !Squad

⌨️🖱️: !Affection

⌨️🖱️: !Fight

⌨️🖱️: !Look

⌨️🖱️: !Sleep

⌨️🖱️: !Hug


⌨️🖱️: !Rolls [Resets cooldowns]

⌨️🖱️: !Pokemon / !P [Click Pokéball emote to catch]

⌨️🖱️: !Waifu / !w [Female Only]

⌨️🖱️: !Husbando / !h [Male only]

⌨️🖱️: !Marry / !m [For both Genders]

⌨️🖱️: !SummonShenron / !SS [Instantly obtain any Anime character]

⌨️🖱️: !Snap [Instantly obtain any Marvel and DC character]


⌨️🖱️: !Rf/Ringfinger [View your claim collection]

⌨️🖱️: !Sortrf [Quickly sort claim collection]

⌨️🖱️: !Rfm/Ringfingermove <number> <character> [Manually sort claim collection]

⌨️🖱️: !Divorce <character> [Delete a claimed character]

⌨️🖱️: !Taxi <@user> <character> [Give a character to someone]

⌨️🖱️: !Hakai <@user> [Deletes someones claimed character list by half]

⌨️🖱️: !Hakaiall [Deletes random characters from everyones list]

⌨️🖱️: !Deathball <@user> [Removes all characters from a users list]

⌨️🖱️: !Pokedex [View your caught Pokemon]

⌨️🖱️: !Dragonballs [View collected Dragonballs]

⌨️🖱️: !Infinitystones / !Stones [View collected Infinity Stones]

⌨️🖱️: !Appearance / !A [Change character to the top right of rolls]

⌨️🖱️: !SeekerAppearance / !SA [Change character to the bottom left of rolls]


⌨️🖱️: !Person <character> [Look up a character. Type a number to select a name]

⌨️🖱️: !RandomPerson [Show a random character between Male and Female]

⌨️🖱️: !like <character> [Save a character to a personal favorites list]

⌨️🖱️: !likelist / !LL [View your personal favorites list]

⌨️🖱️: !likemove / !LM <number> <character> [Sort your favorites list]

⌨️🖱️: !likeremove <character> [Remove a character from your favorites list]

⌨️🖱️: !LikeLeaderboard / !LLB [View a World Wide leaderboard of top favorited characters in WORLD SEEKER]

⌨️🖱️: !Showpokemon / !SP <Pokémon name> [View a pokemon. Type a number to select a pokemon name]


⌨️🖱️: !Profile [View your overall progress]

⌨️🖱️: !Xp [View your xp]

⌨️🖱️: !Xpn <channel> !xpn <dm>  !xpn <none> [Configure XP notifications]

⌨️🖱️: !Dcm [Configure Marvel and DC characters appearing in your rolls]

⌨️🖱️: !Prestigechance <number 1-7> [Increase or decrease item drop rate in rolls]

⌨️🖱️:!Ping [Test the bots response time]

⌨️🖱️: !Prefix <text> [Change the bots Prefix]

⌨️🖱️: @WORLD💍SEEKER prefix [View your servers current prefix if you forgot it]

⌨️🖱️: !Deletecommands [Delete Succesfully done commands]

⌨️🖱️: !Aon [Configures single player difficulty for rolls]

⌨️🖱️: !Welcome [Greet new members with their user name attached to a gif]


For $10 you get Bot Activation for both ISHUZOKU and WORLD SEEKER!


💎:Mail Cooldown shortened to 1/hr

💎:Pokémon Cooldown shortened to 1/hr

💎:Date cooldown shortened to 1/hr

💎:Rolls increased to 20. 40 Rolls after upvoting

💎:Unlocked following customization

  • Buy Mansions

  • Buy Pokéball cosmetics

  • Buy player appearances

  • Customize command colors

  • Partner customization. Buy clothing.

💎:AON can be turned off

💎:.GIF format can be used in greeting messages.

💎:Tag along with Partners/Hero’s in quest.

💎: Activation to all additional premium bots made by this Developer for the price of one activation


💎: 180+ Prestige point appearances.

💎: Configure Prestige drop percentage up to 7%.

💎: Rolls cooldown shortened to 1/hr.

💎: Pokémon cooldown shortened to 1/hr.

💎: Rolls increased to 20. 40 Rolls after upvoting.

💎: Dragonball item usage cooldown shortened to 1 week.

💎: Infinity stone item usage cooldown shortened to 1 week.

💎: !AON can be turned off.

💎: Activation to all additional premium bots made by this Developer for the price of one activation

Become a patron to unlock premium features!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add WORLD💍SEEKER Discord Bot to my server?

You can add WORLD💍SEEKER to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add WORLD💍SEEKER Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: !
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Created by: Johnny#3597