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The best feature-rich Discord music bot. Take control over your music with an intuitive dashboard, custom effects and more!

About Wyvor

Wyvor is a feature-rich Discord music bot focussed on bringing you the best music experience. We want to build something that people can enjoy as much as we do, and here we are! As you may wonder, how does this bot differ from the others? Well, there’s a lot! Please read on to find out more.


Intuitive Dashboard

Check out our intuitive and feature-packed dashboard like no other. Not only can you play tracks and manage the queue, customizing the effects and settings are just at your fingertips too. Say bye-bye to old-fashioned commands!

Effects and Equalizer

Fine tune all the fancy effects and the equalizer to make your music unique! Want to adjust speed or pitch? We’ve got you. Feeling in the mood for a little “Nightcore”? Be our guest! You can even manually adjust the equalizer!

Reliable and High Quality

With our revolutionary gateway implementation written in the fastest language in the world, we’re proud to achieve absolute 100% uptime! Wyvor can bring you the top-notch sound quality, whenever you like and wherever you go!

Customizable Settings

Adjust the settings to fit your server. Choose the modules a user can access, log player controls and announce the playing track with our advanced administration system. Prevent duplicated tracks and toggle the 24/7 mode too!

Open Source

We are an open source project on GitHub. Don’t believe what we’ve said earlier? Check out the source code for yourself! Open source means the maximum level of transparency, so you will never have to worry about privacy concerns.

And Much More…

There are many more goodies available in Wyvor, such as saved playlists, music lyrics, usage statistics and audit logs. Discover the rest of the features on your own!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Servers: 512
Users: unknown
Created by: CHamburr#2591
Short link: discord.ly/wyvor