We are a hangout for gacha players, gacha creators, gacha viewers, and people who don’t even do gacha! Note: we do not allow adult content of any kind!

Warning: I ping a lot in servers that I own so be prepared, and I own this server.
What we have
-Spam channel lolz
-Updates to the server pretty often
-Fun stuff like polls for what people should post on their Yt channels
-Self promo without a slow mode πŸ˜πŸ’…
-Ways to get roles rather then just reaction roles bc it gets boring like that
-made by me so it’s obviously good (jk but it is good)
-has multiple owners!
-β€œbadges and quests” (you get roles, and prizes from β€œquests”)
-a roblox chat
-100% sfw


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