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This is the official server for the YouTuber 737Aviator! with over 250+ subs!

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Are you Interested in Planes (Aviation)? Well then this is the perfect place for you! We provide everything an av-enthusiast would need! Here Are some:


┇❓┇Daily Aviation QOTDS

┇🤔┇ Weekly Aviation Quizes!

┇✅┇Absolutely Non-Toxic Community!

┇👌┇Great Staff!

┇🤝┇ We Partner.

┇🎁┇Extremely Fun Events & Giveaways!

┇🤖┇Our Own Custom Bot!

┇🛩️┇Plane Spotters | Military Zones!

┇✈️┇Active Flight Sim users!

┇🎫┇Tickets, and fast responces.


And A Lot Lot More Being Added As We Speak! Why Not Join Us And Have A Look Yourself?


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