Chill server for whenever you just want to talk to people about stuff.

We’re a friendly community of people that come to have fun, play games, chat, or just mess with Foe. We have:

✧✧| NSFW: Oh, I see how it is. The real reason you’d join a server. You dirty perve! But it’s fine, we got you covered. Just don’t go sicko on our precious server…

✧✧| Events: We have events going on all the time for some fancy shmancy prizes to make you look superior to everyone else. B)

✧✧| LGBTQ+ Friendly: All sexualities are chill with us. It really wouldn’t change anything either way, so I don’t see why any server wouldn’t actually be LGBTQ+ friendly in the first place.

✧✧| Self-Role: Assign your own roles so you aren’t constantly being pinged @ everyone just to be notified that Dank Memer is down. We don’t actually ping when Dank Memer is down though. That would just be weird…

✧✧| Giveaways: What’s better than being gifted random items by total strangers over the internet? I’ll tell you. NOTHING! Giveaways are so epic, the bragging rights when you win would be reward enough. Of course, we’re not that stingy so we actually offer prizes…

If this was not enough to convince you to join our server, I could offer you a cupcake. However that would be a lie, as I can’t exactly mail a cupcake to your door, nor would you find it amusing that I had your address to mail you the cupcake in the first place.


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