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What is A Nice Day? ___ This game is a take on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure world inside of ROBLOX! Explore around the map, gain powerful stand abilities, and completely annihilate all that lay

Obtainable Rewards< ► @Requiem Member- be active in discord/ingame ► @Server Booster- obtain through boosting this server ► @Amazing Artist- you made an epik art on #╻🎨╹art-contest or #╻😂╹meme-contest ► @Server Partnered- partner to another server >Rewards for being youtuber in A Nice Day< ► @Small Youtuber= None ► @Youtuber= Moderator ingame ► @Big Youtuber= Admin ingame + Random admin stand whitelist ► @Special Youtuber= Custom Stand >Rewards for being active in this server< ► @🌟 Active- 1,000 messages ► @✨ Super Active-4,500 messages ► @🌌 Extremely Active- 8,500 messages ► @💫 Unholy Active- 12,000 messages >Rewards of server boosters< ►Image Perms ►Server Booster role ► Nitro Platinum [2nd boost] ►Any item choice(no admin stuffs) [3rd boost] ►Any item choice + any stand choice(no admin stuffs) [4th boost] ►Any item choice + any admin items choice [5th boost] ►Random admin stand whitelist [6th boost] ►Random admin stand whitelist + any admin items choice Tradable roles @Rich @Over heaven @Image Perm @Bypass slowmode. deleted-role @Hamon user @Spin user @Star platinum user @Tusk user @Shadow the world user @Hamon user @Standless Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/5852470782/Open-but-still-update-group-game-A-Nice-Day?refPageId=ea3a2cfe-35f6-4dc9-bb26-dd3843fc93e2


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