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Welcome to A Place For All. Here we have something for you!

Welcome to A Place For All!

On this server, we have something that you enjoy!

Whether it’s discussing your favorite TV show or Anime.

It could be sharing your most recent drawing with someone.

You could even look for people to play a video game with, as that is an available option.

Whatever it is, we probably have it here on the Discord server.

Before you go off to have fun, remember to please check out #rules to ensure that you follow all of our rules so we don’t have to punish you.

People will be ping in #rules whenever the rules list is updated as it could be updated regularly to work with what is necessary.

This server also relies on you!

We take suggestions from people like you on what we should add because sometimes, this server doesn’t have exactly what people want.

Let’s pretend we don’t have anything dedicated to topic x.

We’d take your suggestion, and create something on the server to represent what the people want and enjoy, and other people might agree with your opinion and it could grow the server even more, because of you guys!

So please, enjoy your stay because that would make me happier than anything to make other people happy on Discord!



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