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Arcane RP Discord server - a fun, 18+ community with over 256 champions and tons of emotes and bots! Join now with invite link!
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The Arcane Rp () Discord server has 30 online members and 0 upvotes. Arcane Rp () is a Community Discord Server.

Arcane Rp (18+) Discord Server Described

: We are an 18+ roleplay server focussed around League of Legends and Arcane!

╰─▸ This is an 18+ server for literate roleplay and hanging out!
╰─▸ We are fairly new (and a bit under construction), so there are a ton of Arcane and champions from LOL to chose from.
╰─▸ We accept OC’s!
╰─▸ Tons of cool emotes!
╰─▸ Lots of fun bots!
╰─▸ Server wide RP events!

╭・ Make sure to:
➣ Check out our character availability doc!
➣ Read the rules and information! These will help your success within the server!
➣ Explore the server! There are new things appearing every day as we grow :)
╰┈ ✦ And have fun!

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