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Artists Reunite

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A server for Artists and creative people.

•¸¸.•…>> Welcome to Artists Reunite! <<…•.¸¸•

•------» This is an art server where everyone is welcomed to share their art, chill, and have fun! We hope to see you there!

We Have:
• Art-related channels for digital artists, traditional artists, photographers and animators.
• Active voice chats
• Self-assignable roles
• A ton of fun bots (Dank memer, Dio, OwO, Yggdrasil)
• A bunch of upcoming events!!!
• Cat emotes

We accept people from any fandom

This server is simple and we don’t do crazy giveaways.
It’s just for fun, for you to share your art, get advice and improve your drawing skills and more.

We are very open to feedback and suggestions!
Currently looking for partners!


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