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Dreams ● Chat & Giveaways | 17x Nitro Gw

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We are a chill, fun, and a growing community! Make new lovely friends today!

Aspects is a chill, fun and a hangout community!

What we offer;

🎊 Often Nitro Giveaways!
🐰 100+ Self assignable roles!
🤩 Plenty of e-girls & e-boys!
🎥 Daily movie nights!
🎭 Offers insane layout full of art!
Always looking for Staffs & PMs!
🎨 Well developed, attractive community!
🍒 Friendly & Experienced Staff members!
💰 Offers you insane perks for boo$ting & inviting!
💥 Offers you plenty amount of roles full of colors!
📌 Active text & voice channels!
Very well organized and fun level system for perks!
🚀 Looking for active members, loyal boosters, come join n rock w us!

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