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General purpose server dedicated to gaming and streaming support.
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Welcome to Battle_Provens Gaming Community:
If you are looking for a discord server for gamers with a active community then this is the server for you!!

We have many channels and categories for gamers and streamers alike. some of the channels on our server but are not limited to…
-Among us, Call of duty, Valorant, and more text and voice channels
-Content promotions to help grow your content
-Endless Battle Proven Content
-Multiple channels to talk and make new friends and post your setups
-A full on category filled with guides to help you with gaming and server creating
-And much much more

If you join our server you will have multiple people to talk about gaming and play with so you will never be gaming on your own. It is also a good server for growing your own content especially if your just starting out. We also help people who are new to things like server creating, PC building, and gaming in general with our guides.