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We are a gaming community that likes people who do not play games and who plays games. we mostly play Fortnite but we play other games too. if you have any questions or queries dm the owner.

Very good server. join if u like Fortnite and other games. we have active mods and so many roles and channels. We play customs and other things. Best server for gamers and for people searching for a gaming server. if you don’t play games it’s ok this server is open to everyone. if You are a gamer or if You are not a gamer.thx if u join
If You have any queries pls dm the owner or admin
-⚡XD⚡#2517. Owner of the server
-NpRo #1991-Secret_Galaxy #7199-vengance me#2912-Speacial members of the server
-natalieBAGUETTE#8608-Secret_Galaxy #7199-vengance me#2912-Sus-uke
#5936-{AFK} High King Torygg #3260shzpo #8062-Admins of the server
-Expertifyd #1923-NpRo #1991-Explosion Go Boom #9749- cia.gov #9421-Co Mods Of the server
really good mods and admins if You ask me!!
so Join the server if You haven’t Already
Written by: Owner and admin
(and btw this is the admin of this server and the owner does not know that I wrote but this is like the best server so join bcz its like so good and also it has many active members so join already m8{mate} )