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good giveaway server and a cool community of blobs

A Discord Server, at its finest.🪁
➠ 『🦀』Chill Community
➠ 『🤿』Friendly Members
➠ 『🦜』Active Staff

The Server features include:

|Availabe to all members 🔮|
➠ 『🕹️』Lots of Minigames
➠ 『🏆』Custom Achievements
➠ 『🎨』Custom Ranks
➠ 『🧭』Weekly/Monthly Events
➠ 『🎉』Lots of Giveaways
➠ 『📌』Frequent Updates

|Booster Perks 🎣|
➠ 『🤖』Early Access to our Custom Bot
➠ 『✨』Ability to bypass giveaway requirements
➠ 『👑』Booster-Only giveaways
➠ 『🖌️』Booster-Only Profile Colours

➠ We are also open to everyone’s suggestions on how we can improve in the future.

If you found any of the above interesting, then feel free to join. The link is below.


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