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2 upvotes in September
Talk about bots and you can even request one to be made for you



  • Economy with 100+ Active players

  • Fun commands (meme, fight, giveaway, etc…)

  • Welcome commands (setchannel, setmessage, etc…)

  • Informative commands (serverinfo, membercount, etc…)

  • Hourly 100k+ lottery

Voting Perks:

  • Recieve 1 common box ( 2x on weekends )

  • Able to enter voter only lottery (Not available yet)


  • Economy: bal, inv, beg, rich, give, gamble, blackjack, daily, monthly, weekly, hourly, rob, disable, rob, shop, buy, sell, use, gift, lottery, autolottery

  • Moderation: kick, ban, prune, unbanall

  • Info: serverinfo, membercount, ping, math

  • Fun: meme, coin, fight and 10+ Image manipulation commands

More info: https://sites.google.com/view/bongobot/home


30 Online 95 Members