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The BosonsHiggs Discord server has 53 online members and 1 upvotes. BosonsHiggs is a Community Discord Server.

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: Por aqui fazemos amizades, jogamos, conversamos sobre programação em Pythone Java, criação de bots para Discord e damos suporte aos nossos bots

generalBot - administrative bot and gamer - bilingual (pt-br and en-us)

📍Use ?help to see all commands
📍Delete messages or all messages on a channel, even the oldest ones
📍Ban, unban and kick
📍Creation of normal and secret text and voice channels
📍ElDelete of categories and linked channels
📍Addition of temporary positions
📍Adding mass positions for all members
📍Addition of individual positions
📍Registration channels
📍Addition of up to 20 roles per reaction
📍Communication between servers
📍Locking and unlocking channels
📍Command to ask staff for help
📍Input, exit and user ban channels
📍Status channels with the number of users and bots
📍Drawing commands for items and numbers
📍Remote command by position
📍Math operations
📍Definitions and word translation dictionaries
📍InviteCreate invite from other bots
📍Dice and tic-tac-toe
📍Economy games in Portuguese and English```

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