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Welcome to Brawl Bros! At our server you can: - Choose your own roles - Chat with our members - Enter in giveaways and tournaments - Chill with everyone, no matter what game you play

Welcome to Brawl Bros!

Our server has multiple members and is currently looking for more.

The members here are always willing to play Brawl Stars and are also very helpful!
Do not worry if you do not play Brawl Stars! You will still be able to have fun in the server and communicate with others.

Our moderators are always respectful and helpful do our members. So if you need anything at all, a mod will be willing to help!

Besides that, we occasionally do friendly games in Brawl Stars just for fun!

We also offer giveaways!

We are also more than happy to be partnered with Lightning Shock! They are an organization with many clubs in Brawl Stars, and we are happy to give you some recommended Lightning Shock clubs!

Please consider joining Brawl Bros, and trust us, you won’t regret joining


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