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A Server for my youtube Channel which is located here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCloQE2ID9B4JAcfSoNCXSpw

–Server GuideLines–

 Rule #1 - Please don't treat others very harshly.
 Rule #2 - You can swear, but don't let it get out of hand.
 Rule #3 - Please respect other people sexuality, religion and race.
 Rule #4 - Higher ups are not to bully the lower admins.
 Rule #5 - If someone is breaking the rules, Please report them.
 Rule #6 - Asking for admin or mod a lot of times is hella annoying.
 Rule #7 - If an admins was caught AA(Admins Abusing) they will be dealt with.
 Rule #8 - Please don't send any nasty or nsfw content to our server.
 Rule #9 - Do not spam the admins or the Founder, you can be kick from that.
 Rule #10 - Keep all bot cmds in their rightful place please. (except admins/mods)


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