Logo for Cooki Empire (yeetus feetus 2.0)

Cooki Empire (yeetus feetus 2.0)

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A place to hang out with one of the best international meme and gaming community. We have an excess of great people, interests to bond over, and loads of fun and funny bots.

For the bots:
.We have all of your necessary ones (mee6, marriage bot, OwO, dank memer).
.For dank memer, rob and heist are ENABLED
.There are loads of great server games, like one-word story, easter eggs hidden in the server, and others.
.Reaction self roles have been set up so you can describe yourself in one click, and find common interests with others!
.And of course, we have lots of great people, with a focus on, fun, memes, and gaming.
.Our server (as you would expect) does not contain any sort of hate speech, actions, and the like.
.We have self-promotion channels so you can grow your servers and social media too!
.The main games we play are: Minecraft, Rocket League, Fortnite, Roblox, Apex, PUBG

Thanks for looking into our server, and hope to see you there!