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we share interests and just do weeb things.

We talk and I even give help to those who vent as i am a person with suicidal thoughts too. But we also host movie nights and karaoke nights on fridays and weekends which on on monday at 1:00 am, even if you have different or same time zones it will be 1:00 am for stop time. This is a relatively enish server but ill allow some languages if you dont talk of bad or offensive things. If your early to a movie night you get to choose short clips of things at my watch before others arrive. Im not positive when movie night will start but its on weekends and Wednesdays only And ends at 9:00 pm-10:00 pm depending on how long is left.
We also encourage to open up to how you feel about things, as long as its not hateful to a popular thing, like the dream team for example. Must be under 19 and over 12-13. No racists. People of color are human too.


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