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DiscordTube [BETA]

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Discord Server that replicates YouTube in Discord!

DiscordTube [BETA]

Discord Server that replicates YouTube in Discord!

Hello, and welcome to DiscordTube [BETA]'s official page on top.gg!
We hope that you are either planning to join the server or are enjoying it!
Please vote, it doesn’t take long! ;)

What is this server about?

This is YouTube but on Discord. You can create an account, make “content”, get subscribers and more!
Note: This is not a simulation of Discord. Each “subscriber” will be a real person! :D

What do I get for creating an account?

Well you get 4 channels and 4 roles:

  • Channels
    • A studio channel where you can manage your channel through our custom DiscordTube bot!
    • A chat channel where you can talk with your subscribers!
    • A content channel where your content will be posted! (Locked until there is content)
    • An all-content channel where everyone can see all your videos (provided you haven’t deleted any xD), and the statistics: likes, dislikes, (views in the future)
  • Roles
    • Your own personal role
    • A subscriber role for your subscribers
    • A blocked role, for those who are annoying xD
    • A notification role - You can use it to notify those who choose to have it! :D

How many channels can I create?

Just one :D

How many channels can I subscribe to?

As many as you want. Since there is a Discord limit on roles and channels, if needed, more identical servers will be created :)

Thanks for reading!

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