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this server is for gaming and chatting together. you will get notification from other channels like ( free games, official game tweets )
  1. DONT spam so many messages or else you will get a warn
  2. All nicknames must be in English, and be appropriate
  3. Do not argue
  4. Be respectful toward other people
  5. No harassing or personally attacking others
  6. no swearing
  7. be kind
  8. help each other out
    9.Negative comments will get you a warn

šŸ’¬-general --------------> this is where you can just have fun and chat

šŸ‘€-commands ------------> this is for bots commands only

šŸø-dank-memer -----------> this is only for dank memer commands

šŸ™ƒ-off-topic -------------> here you can chat what ever you want but it has to be appropriate




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