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A Social Community - Responsible Gossipers - No Hate - Guru Gossip - Discussions and Appropriate Opinions

Most Importantly! - Be respectful of other posters.

Make an effort to post topics in the appropriate channel. If you are not sure whether or not there is a topic made, please use the search function located at the top of any page to search for one. This includes not posting just a period to bump the threads (as there is a bump feature).

Users should not attempt to moderate the forum. Use the report function or private messaging to alert a moderator to a situation that may need to be handled with moderation.

Do not abuse the report function. One report for an off topic discussion or any other type of issue is enough for the mods to be alerted to a situation. Don’t just report it as SPAM unless it really is spam.
Do not ask for/share links to other discord servers, this is considered off topic discussion and should occur in DMs only

Refrain from posting any personal information (e.g. last names and addresses) that a YouTuber/Blogger/Personality or another user has not released themselves. This also includes refraining from posting private photos that a YouTuber/Blogger/Personality or other user has not released themselves on their public social platform accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc).
This is often referred to as Doxxing and will not be tolerated.
Sharing links to an influencer’s address is also a form of doxxing

Refrain from mocking mental and physical illnesses. You are not the personal doctor to anyone here, and thus should not suggest what anyone has, be it a member or the YouTuber.

Refrain from using any form of hate speech, as it will not be tolerated. This includes body shaming and any post that is ethnically, racially, religiously, or sexually discriminatory. Body shaming does NOT include stating an opinion that someone is “fat”. Fat is a subjective term. However, children are OFF LIMITS. Please keep all talk about them strictly observational.


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