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。.:☆*:・ W E L C O M E T O H E A V E N 。.:☆*:・ An always active, close knit community full of daily events, games and emotes!

。.:☆*:・ W E L C O M E T O H E A V E N 。.:☆*:・
~ A close knit community full of diverse, active, and friendly members!


  • Movie Nights every night!
  • Daily watchparties for The Muppets and other series!
  • SO MANY BOTS! Including: Fishing, Boxbot, Karuta, Mudae, Ayana, Uno, Dank Memer, and etc!

~ COMMUNITY FRIENDLY! We accept any and all suggestions!

  • Reaction roles
  • Activities
  • Interest-Specific Events
  • TONS of unique EMOTES!
  • Music Channels!
  • Social Media Promos, Art Promos, etc.
  • Games with and without bots
  • NSFW commands and channels


  • We accept (nearly) anything and everything! Our staff is relaxed and accepting.

~ ACTIVE NEARLY 24/7! Despite our smaller community, you can always find a friend! We love to meet new people.

! Welcome to your new favorite community ! 。.:☆*:・